Divine Fire Daily Astrology 2.9.2022

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Moon enters Gemini, 2nd quarter 5:27 AM EST

Moon is now in curious and rapidly shifting Gemini, where we experience the polarity dynamic of the twins…emotion runs a spectrum today, so remember that the dark will, inevitably, be balanced by the light. It can be quite the rollercoaster. Gemini Moon has an insatiable need for information, and we shift gears constantly. Our need for communication is dramatically heightened, as well as our need for stimulation. This is a highly distractible day, and we really shouldn’t have high expectations of finishing anything that we begin. Multitasking is the nature of Gemini, and it’s perfectly ok to find ourselves in many places, the end isn’t important today, what we focus upon is the moment. Gemini energy feels so rapid and excitable that most people experience it as moving pretty fast, Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) people welcome this busy and fast paced time, it’s a good time to catch up on loose ends that were previously begun but lost in the shuffle, as Gemini tends to shuffle and shuffle and then not do anything intentional, we jump on whatever card happens to fall out of the deck. The key to Gemini energy is flexibility, it’s time to be adaptive and embody this Mutable sign. Debate is fun today but can become scathing, as Gemini Moon thoroughly delights in wielding words as a weapon and dominating intellectual games, though we must be dealing with people on our own level. Looking down from a loftier intellectual vantage point can become frustrating, as patience for others trying to catch up is simply not in Gemini Moon’s wheelhouse. Come at my pace, or stay back where you belong is the sentiment here.

From now until April 29, all planets are moving forward in Direct Motion. This is actually a pretty lengthy period, a break from the heavy Retrograde and Stationary moments we’ve endured. Everything has been PAUSE, SUDDEN CHANGE, DEAL WITH OLD ISSUES since all the way back in September when Mercury Stationed Retrograde at the same time we had Saturn slowing to Station Direct, and then Mercury and Jupiter Stationed Direct together on October 18. Then we had Venus and Mercury Retrograde coincide in the same sign, with Venus being a planet that only Retrogrades every year and a half, give or take. It was a LOT. All of that is now in the rearview, and we only have Mercury, planet of communication, and Venus, planet of love and money, covering previously traversed territory where we may have a final resolution to a few things, but from a stronger and better reasoned place now. Friday, we have the final conjunction of Mercury in Capricorn with Pluto, planet of transformation and perpetual trigger of letting go. Venus is now running quite closely to Mars in Capricorn, so we will begin feeling more movement within relationships, this may not be a lovey-dovey recovery from Retro issues movement, but more of a practical steps and planning and execution movement. Venus and Mars will make their exact conjunction on the Leo Full Moon on Wednesday, February 16, an incredibly powerful healing inspiration as we acknowledge issues and tackle them from the HEART. Not with rationally thinking Aquarius energy, but from the source of Leo Full Moon power, straight from the heart.



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