Divine Fire Daily 2.3.2022: Mercury Stations Direct in Capricorn

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Pisces Moon, 1st quarter

Mercury Station Direct at 24 Capricorn 11:13 PM EST

Moon remains in creative, sensitive Pisces today, where a current of intuition rushes, and spiritual inspiration will be powerful. This is a romantic and idealistic energy that keeps us distracted with the pleasantries of fantasy land. Pisces Moon is likely to indulge escapist tendencies today, leading to everything from procrastination to indulgence in anything that may enhance our perceptive experience…meditation, psychoactive substances, endorphins. Pisces Moon will make a conjunction to Neptune at 21 degrees Pisces at 6:54 PM EST, and we are deeply inspired by dreams, heavily influenced by intuition. Today is an ideal day for divination and feeling things out, as the spiritual current is rather unrestrained today. Moon will be approaching a sextile Mercury Retrograde as Mercury, planet of communication and thought, grinds down to a halt to Station Direct in Capricorn at 11:13 PM EST. Moon will be exactly sextile Mercury Station at 11:55 PM EST, giving this planetary standstill added clarity, though of a highly abstract nature.

Mercury Station Direct will occur at 11:13 PM EST, but we feel it’s slowdown to standstill as it becomes more discernible throughout the day, a veritable interlude of standstill and reflection. Station Direct at the end of this Retrograde asks us to pause, to listen to the greater, underlying message this Mercury Retrograde had for us. In Capricorn, Mercury is exacting and precise, with a powerful need for success at all costs, and that often comes with issues of control. This dynamic leads to not only power struggles, but expectations that are rigidly unwavering and can, in fact, be paralyzing to communication with others. Mercury in Capricorn is an excellent planner, expert executor of plans, but struggles with flexibility in the face of obstacles. This Station Direct will occur in a sextile to Pisces Moon, inviting us not only to allow ourselves to dare to dream, but also to find forgiveness and compassion for ourselves, for not being perfect. Perfectionistic Mercury in Capricorn is softened by this Piscean haze, intuition becomes more important than what we think we know. Though Mercury in Capricorn fancies itself ever the consummate expert on everything, Pisces Moon reminds us with quiet whispers that there are worlds we aren’t touching, that mundane priorities and duties are NOT the only priority we need to remember as Mercury Stations. This is NOT a time to burst forward and begin to move on things, like some of the internet hubbub would lead you to mistakenly believe. This is a point of stillness, to go within and reflect. This Retrograde has forced us to slow down and contemplate the nature of obstacles, the nature of failure, and from a position that does not take emotion into cold, Capricornian account. Pisces Moon here is the ultimate emotional culmination, and this aspect to Mercury Station Direct can inspire us toward art and creative expression, and immerse us in profound healing, if we just slow down and remain quiet enough to tune in and listen.



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