Divine Fire Astrology Daily: Mercury Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 2.11.2022

Friday, February 22, 2022

Moon enters Cancer 6:27 PM EST

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 9:04 AM EST

Moon will fluctuate through Gemini for most of the day, and the rollercoaster will be intense. Moon will entangle in a quincunx to both Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn, under the tension of their culminating conjunction, and we will feel the emotional ups and downs that this will cause all throughout the day. Focus will be difficult, and it’s best not to expect too much of ourselves today. Deep issues will arise, and the emotional response may be quite powerful with Moon in Gemini, which magnifies both ends of the emotional spectrum. Discerning exactly HOW we feel may be a struggle today, because the intensity may overpower definition and recognition. Flexibility is always the key with Gemini energy, and we will need plenty of space today. Feeling caged in will be particularly difficult. Moon will enter Cancer, sign of roots and home at 6:27 PM EST, and we yearn for quiet and comfort, the response under Cancer Moon will be to hide within protective shells, seeking refuge, and lashing out when and where hurt. Empathy will be dramatically heightened tonight, Cancer is THE sign most powerfully attuned to the emotions of others, so tonight, we may have difficulty discerning whether what we are feeling is indeed our own, or if we’re being overwhelmed by what others are projecting.

Mercury, planet of thought and communication, will be conjunct Pluto, planet of transformation, in Capricorn today at 9:04 AM EST, in a final conjunction that culminates a series of 3, thanks to Mercury’s recent Retrograde through this sign of structure and duty. This conjunction feels wrought by an almost sadistic pessimism, and may manifest security issues that revolve around a deep, dark, need for control. Pluto lessons always entail the requirement to completely let go of whatever isn’t serving our highest good, in order to embrace necessary transformation. While we have Pluto meeting up with Mercury, thoughts may become overwhelmingly obsessive, and we may experience profound realizations or uncover previously hidden information. The goal of all of this intensity is deep, soul level HEALING, but that is often an incredibly painful process. If you have Sun, Rising, Moon, or Mercury within the final 10 degrees of the Cardinal signs (this means YOU, Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn) you will feel this conjunction quite powerfully today through tomorrow, and there may be an experience of sudden change or even loss. I feel this conjunction FAR more intensely and powerfully than I felt the two previous conjunctions here…post Mercury Retro, and post Venus Retrograde that began close to Pluto, this particular conjunction is coming in like a wrecking ball if it has work to do for you, if unfinished business remains after the two previous conjunctions on December 30 and January 28. The pain here is not necessarily in the “letting go” that was already accomplished in these two prior conjunctions. The pain is in the aftermath, where resolution may still feel elusive, as control is but an illusion.



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