Divine Fire Astrology Daily

Friday, October 15, 2021

Moon enters Pisces 10:22 PM EDT, 3rd quarter

Sun in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius 7:46 AM EDT

We remain under an analytical Aquarius Moon for most of today, and this requires emotional space and room to use our heads. This Moon doesn’t feel, it thinks about feeling and perceives feeling. Watch for overthinking today. Moon will make a conjunction to Jupiter in Aquarius at 8:29 AM EDT, giving us bright ideas and plenty of motivation today. It may be time for a different approach, and to focus on our highest good rather than getting caught up in the details. This is an opportunity to change our thinking, and become ingrained in new and more constructive patterns. Moon trines Libra Sun just a few minutes later, because Moon steps into this dynamic just after Sun and Jupiter are conjunct themselves. This helps us rationally detach from recent relationship issues, so that we can pick them apart…just remember to focus upon your own role instead of turning Aquarian analysis on others, where it can become a barrier to communication. We have no further lunar aspects until Moon wades into emotional Pisces at 10:22 PM EDT, so the primary basis of today is Aquarian Moon rationality and commitment to moving forward.

Sun in Libra has been through tumultuous planetary aspects as of late, and today’s trine to Jupiter in Aquarius at 7:46 AM EDT offers us a ray of hope, and a breath of fresh air! This aspect can inspire sudden changes of direction or epiphanies about how we need to change…this is an OPPORTUNITY aspect, so pay attention today! One thought can inspire big changes! Fresh perspectives should be welcomed today, what hasn’t been working can be addressed with an open minded willingness to do something different. Growth is on the horizon, propelled by this brief but powerful Jupiter influence. Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, and Libra Sun is pleased to take the edge off of all the difficult aspects it’s endured lately, so that we can feel inspired and creative again…at least for today. Jupiter is currently in Retrograde motion, but that’s going to change on Monday, when Jupiter Stations Direct, along with Mercury in Libra. As we prepare for Station, the weekend will once again become intense and time to consider heavier things. For today, shake things up and try something new, and allow this Aquarian influence to inspire you.


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