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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Moon enters Aries 10:48 AM EST

This morning may seem slow to start with trouble focusing as Moon wades through the thick and sticky final degrees of Pisces, where we’ve had quite the couple of days, emotionally. This is the ultimate healing time, where the subconscious is most powerfully driving us. Were your dreams revealing? Moon will burst forth into Aries like a bomb at 10:48 AM EST, waking us up and coming with boundless enthusiasm. Aries Moon is time to get up and moving, a fresh start at the beginning of the Zodiac where initiative is strong and new avenues are particularly appealing. The only lunar aspect we have today is a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius that seeks to ground our enthusiasm into realistic ventures, and that doesn’t even happen until after midnight tonight. We may feel an excess of energy today, and if so, it’s best channeled into a physical outlet to burn it off and release. There are two planetary aspects we are moving into that will be exact tomorrow, a square between Venus in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries, and the square between Scorpio Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. As we feel these influences build throughout today, things may get tricky, but Aries Moon will ensure that we are not intimidated…just be careful not to act too impulsively. Conflict will be easily provoked, and emotional expression will be ready to blow up with little restraint. Aries Moon releases loudly, then forgets about it just a little while later.

Venus, planet of love and money, is in Capricorn where we are conservative and seeking to make things perfect. Tomorrow, Venus will square Chiron, which always dredges up old issues and hurts. Know that in a relationship context, people will be operating from the past rather than the present, so any unpleasantries are likely inspired by past experience. If you find yourself or others repeating patterns, it’s time to step back and pause to consider how to go about things differently this time.

Sun is nearing the end of it’s journey in Scorpio, and what a deep dive it has been. Today it has reached the 22nd degree, a place where we begin to feel the finality of this transit of death and rebirth. There is a sense of anticipation in these last degrees of Scorpio, and tomorrow, it will make a square to Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter brings abundance and spiritual growth, and this square may cause us to overindulge, or take positive, future oriented Aquarian steps to excess. It’s best not to make any drastic decisions today or tomorrow, give it time to see what will coalesce. The emotional intensity of Scorpio Sun may be seething right now, and Jupiter can see us seeking ways to escape the necessary transformation that Sun has in store. This square can also trigger overthinking and obsession, so it’s important to remember that in a few days, things will once again shift and the darkness we’ve been feeling will dissipate.


Professional astrology with Cancer Ascendant empathy, Leo Sun confidence, and Sag Moon vision.

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Divine Fire Astrology

Professional astrology with Cancer Ascendant empathy, Leo Sun confidence, and Sag Moon vision.