Divine Fire Astrology Daily 2.22.2022

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Moon enters Pisces 6:00 AM EST

Moon is now in creative and spiritual Pisces, where we feel our way through everything. Pisces is the realm of the subconscious, intuition, and dreams. This sign evokes the deepest compassion and compels sacrifice, we don’t just feel deeply, we are so moved by others that we are inclined to take action that forgets very the nature of SELF. This is a big transition moving into this feeling and intuitive sign after such a powerfully rational and cerebral New Moon. Pisces Moon will make a sextile to Mars, planet of action and drive, in Capricorn at 5:33 PM, and it’s time to take the edge off and allow ourselves a break in the action. Pisces Moon encourages us to see the sublime guidance of the spiritual, to help balance out the constant push of Capricorn to master every detail of the mundane. Pisces Moon swirls those details into something a bit more malleable. Moon will then make a conjunction to Jupiter in Pisces, the spiritual guide that magnifies all that it touches. This dreamy conjunction can lead to profound intuitive insight and divine guidance, if we just allow feeling to take hold and harken unto it. Moon will sextile Uranus in Taurus after Midnight at 12:30 AM EST, and it’s time for sensual delights and seeking comfort…Uranus may provoke a gentle awakening under this flowing sextile. Moon will then sextile Venus in Capricorn, now Direct and beginning to reawaken in forward motion, at 1:35 AM EST, and relationship issues may find a solution to recent emotional disconnection. Sextiles can feel like a door cracking open, they are an opportunity aspect that we get to see the beginning of the beginning, but must make effort to truly manifest.

Mercury is now slowing down to Station Direct tomorrow, and we feel the disruption, delay, and communication breakdown beginning to heat up. Mercury Retrograde is always an exercise in patience, but the times of Station at the beginning and the end are always the most intense points of events that seek to show us the lesson here. Mercury will be Stationing at 11:13 PM EST tomorrow night, in Capricorn, and it’s time to take a look at where our goals and aspirations may be unrealistic, or even detrimental to progress as we rigidly hold to outdated motivations and expectations. Mercury in Capricorn has a need to be direct and precise, and often this entails NOT exactly taking FEELINGS into account, the end justifies the means to this Mercury. Pisces Moon WILL be pretty close to sextile Mercury at it’s time of Station, and this Pisces Moon energy is what we are working with under this Station Direct. Pisces Moon is one of the deepest feeling signs of the Zodiac, so we can expect that the emotional response to any Mercury Station problems or difficulties may be quite powerful, and it’s important to keep these events in context, lest we allow them to overwhelm us, sending us into Pisces Moon paralysis, where we feel too much to act. It is important to remember under this planetary Station, where things always seem crucial and imperative, that Pisces is two fish…ebb, and flow. Give, and take…two halves of the same whole that must both be felt and integrated, in a malleable and Mutable way that we cannot seek to control. This is a RESPONSE emotional energy, not an assertive one.



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