Divine Fire Astrology Daily 1.30.2022

Image: Divine Fire Astrology

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Capricorn Moon, 4th quarter

Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus 2:32 PM EST

Capricorn Moon keeps our hands dirty with work today, we feel compelled to make forward progress, but there is an impatience underlying today, and disruptions may be particularly frustrating. This is heavy, heavy Capricorn energy that we are experiencing, and Capricorn energy is deeply pressured to succeed. Moon will make a sextile to Neptune in Pisces at 2:48 PM EST, and we may have a reprieve and much needed period of dreamy distraction this afternoon, a break in the work and in the feeling we must accomplish things. Moon will move on to make a conjunction to Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn at 9:26 PM EST, and this can highlight feelings of insecurity about things we haven’t accomplished, it can trigger communication issues, and it can highlight issues of cognitive dissonance that this Mercury Retro has dredged up. Is our ACTION matching our words? That is an important consideration under this Mercury Retrograde in this exacting and perfectionistic sign. We also cannot forget that Mercury Retrograde is still quite close to Pluto in conjunction, and Moon will cross Pluto’s path at 11:44 PM EST, forcing the deeper lessons of this Retrograde to hit us once again, so pay close attention to any realizations that speak of ending, of letting go, of issues surrounding intimacy, or any other Pluto transformational themes. We are almost finished with this Mercury Retrograde, but the dance between Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn is ongoing, so don’t expect a final resolution to these issues just yet…we will continue to feel them through next week.

Aquarius Sun, the rebel and the cerebral engineer, will encounter a tough square today with unpredictable Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, in stubborn Taurus at 2:32 PM EST. We are under this energy all day and into tonight, and this can cause those obstacles to arise that will be particularly frustrating under Capricorn Moon’s push to accomplish things. Uranus here acts as a catalyst, spinning us off course temporarily, while Aquarius Sun uses its considerable brain power to devise new solutions and creative ways to handle whatever comes our way. This may, however, entail getting over plans that won’t work, or ideas that need to be scrapped in favor of more uncertain goals, and these Fixed modality signs can have a hard time with letting go. Aquarius Sun is always seeking new avenues of expression, but once an idea has been fixated upon, it is not easy to give up. We can use this aspect to take a look at things, and decide what needs to be grounded into cold, hard, reality and what is lofty and unrealistic and unlikely to manifest, and then proceed from there.

The Aquarius New Moon is rapidly approaching, and it’s time to prepare! The New Moon will occur Tuesday, February 1 at 12:46 AM EST, so don’t pay attention to the calendar date, the NIGHT of the New Moon will actually be Monday, the 31st. New Moons are always new beginnings, time to begin new projects and set out in new and more inspiring directions. This New Moon will be particularly solid when it comes to endeavors that need to be long lasting, thanks to Saturn’s heavy hand in Aquarius. I will be writing a full article for this New Moon on Medium, so keep your eye on your inboxes, those of you who subscribe to my work here! If you don’t subscribe yet, just scroll down for the link!



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