Divine Fire Astrology Daily 1.29.2022

Image: Divine Fire Astrology

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Moon enters Capricorn 4:09 AM EST

Venus Station Direct 11 Capricorn 3:46 AM EST

Today is a powerful rush of energy through Capricorn, the sign of hard work, persistent effort, and powerful results! This sign is relentless when it wants something, and nothing less than success is an option. These expectations of the highest order, however, can trigger feelings of insecurity when we aren’t living up to our potential, and then that can spiral into a desperate need for CONTROL…so it’s imperative that when we are under this much Capricorn energy, we take time to pause and reflect and remember that emotions are important, too. Moon will make a conjunction to Mars, planet of action and drive, at 3 degrees Capricorn at 10:10 AM EST, and this is an excellent time to get down to business planning with intent for flawless execution. This Moon is precise and needs structure and consistency, but don’t let it make you so rigid that there is no room for adjustment if plans don’t follow expectation. Moon will turn to Jupiter, planet of abundance and growth, in a lovely sextile in dreamy Pisces, at 3:03 PM EST, inspiring us to look to a higher spiritual meaning to our work, and to give these underlying structures we’re working on an outlet for creative expression. Evening may get a bit intense as Moon squares Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries, prompting us to take a hard look at whether our personal progress reflects the journey we’ve suffered to get here. This square can challenge us with insecurity, a big Capricorn downfall that, once again, can provoke us to respond by seeking power and control rather than adjusting our approach. Moon will then trine Uranus, planet of rebellion and awakening, in Taurus at 9:47 PM EST, prompting us to spin the direction to one that includes new revelations that we may be having as Moon entangles with Venus Station Direct in a conjunction a little later at 10:08 PM EST.

Pragmatic Capricorn Moon is ready for solutions to Venus Retrograde issues, and under this conjunction, we may be able to see the necessary course of action a bit more clearly. This clarity has no lack of effort behind it, goals and aspirations may be lofty, but we’re able to break it down into reasonable steps in order to begin attacking this love and resource to-do list as Venus slowly begins to creep forward in the coming days. Venus Station Direct occurred in the wee hours this morning at 3:46 AM EST, where Venus has now slowed down to imperceptible motion, a standstill that guides us to pause, and reflect the lessons that this Venus Retrograde has imparted. Venus in Capricorn is here to restructure our love lives, and finances…how we pursue these things, and most importantly for productive Cappie, the nature of our goals and aspirations in these Venusian regards. Venus is NOT comfortable in Capricorn by nature, this sign doesn’t cater to lovey-dovey feeling as motivation, this Venus sign is all about the potential for realistic success. This is an excellent time for couples whose interaction favors a supportive and goal oriented approach to life, but those who struggle with structure may find themselves faltering. I wrote an article last night on the deeper implications of this Venus Retro and what this Station Direct entails, scroll down and click to read. For today, we pause, and reflect this restructuring. It is not time to leap forward, but to standstill, as Station grinds Venus to a halt for the day.



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