Divine Fire Astrology Daily 1.25.2022

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Moon in Scorpio, 4th quarter

Mercury Retrograde enters Capricorn 10:05 PM EST

Moon is now waning through Scorpio, where there may be a need to withdraw to our emotional cave and hide for a bit. Moon will square Aquarius Sun at 8:41 AM EST, creating tension surrounding our deepest issues…Aquarius Sun is ready for the future, but Scorpio Moon drags us back down into the muck. Moon will trine Jupiter in Pisces at 9:01 AM EST, offering a bit of idealistic hope, but it’s important to remember that hope alone does not make for progress, we must put forth real-world effort. Moon will hit a tough opposition to Uranus in Taurus at 5:52 PM EST where unexpected circumstances may arise that pose a challenge, and uncomfortable realizations may be provoked. The Taurus/Scorpio axis is now highlighted with the Lunar Nodes residing in these signs, so everything triggered in these areas can have a pretty powerful impact. Sudden change can occur with this Uranus opposition, so pay attention to your surroundings. Moon will make a sextile to Venus Retrograde in Capricorn at 6:41 PM EST, reminding us of growth through change recently encountered…as this Retro is winding down and Venus prepares to Station Direct on Saturday, the last of the obstacles are hitting and the emotional adjustment we’ve done will begin to become apparent. This can be a take no shit aspect tonight, and we may see more assertive behavior begin to take shape. Moon will move on to square Saturn in Aquarius after Midnight, and it becomes easier to see the way forward, even if it does require hard work and persistence. These Fixed signs (Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus) involved today can feel limiting, but Uranus is the key to breaking free from restraint and it’s now Direct and beginning to MOVE again.

Mercury Retrograde will feel quite pervasive today as it grinds on the 0 degree of Aqaurius throughout the day, so try to take communication or electronic difficulties in stride, and we may be particularly worn out with Mercury preparing to regress to the previous sign. It will move back into Capricorn tonight at 10:05 PM EST, and we begin to revisit issues that arose in December, particularly from the final week of December as Mercury once again encounters those degrees through the end of the Retrograde, where it will Station Direct at 24 degrees Capricorn on Thursday, February 3. Mercury WILL once again make a conjunction to Pluto on Friday, February 28 and that will echo issues that hit us on December 30, the first time these two danced together with Mercury in Direct Motion. And yes, that means that these Pluto issues will be alive and well when Mercury Stations Direct, and will be pervasive through the time that Mercury once AGAIN makes another conjunction in forward motion on February 11…so from here on out, we are going to be once again experiencing Mercury/Pluto issues that may take a bit of time to resolve. Pluto in this conjunction is ready to force change where we’ve resisted. The end of the Retrograde requires us to honor change, and accept the way forward. If you’ve done Pluto work and released and let go of whatever was destructive to you, the work is done, and the light at the end of the tunnel becomes clear. If you still have things to release, you’ll be triggered to realize this until you do so. None of these are new issues, Mercury is dredging up the past here, and encouraging us to lay it to rest once and for all. Capricorn is a cold and calculating sign, but that doesn’t make this an easy process, in fact, it can make things quite difficult in regard to emotional processing through the end of the Retro, with demands for perfection and precision though Mercury is anything but focused right now.


Professional astrology with Cancer Ascendant empathy, Leo Sun confidence, and Sag Moon vision.

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Divine Fire Astrology

Professional astrology with Cancer Ascendant empathy, Leo Sun confidence, and Sag Moon vision.