Divine Fire Astrology Daily 1.23.2022

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Libra Moon, 3rd quarter

Mercury Retrograde Cazimi, conjunct Sun in Aquarius at 5:28 AM EST

Today’s Libra Moon will see us actively seek peace and harmony. This can lead to acts of compromise, or it can cause us to become avoidant of issues that provoke tension or argument. We need to take the edge off today, and try to find a middle path. Moon will make an opposition to Chiron in Aries at 9:25 AM EST, and we may feel the impact of insecurity upon relationships, Libra Moon highlights our need to connect, while Chiron in Aries can make that difficult as we need to process our own unresolved issues surrounding self-esteem and security. Moon will make a quincunx aspect to Uranus in Taurus at 12:45 PM EST, and though we may want to preserve peace at all costs, provocation from Uranus is a necessity we must encounter if we’re going to make the right decisions along the way. Peace is lovely, but we must sometimes confront less pleasant realities that remain unresolved, as they stand our way until handled. Moon will then hit a tough square to Venus Retrograde in Capricorn at 2:22 PM EST, and the focus shifts to the work we must do under this Retrograde to realign our priorities in regard to love and values. Venus Retrograde has only one week left, and it may be a particularly tense balance between work and home for the rest of the duration, particularly if issues have been left unaddressed. Libra Moon will round out the day with a trine to Saturn in Aquarius at 7:26 PM EST, and evening is excellent for a burst of social connection, though we may also use this aspect to decide which acquaintances to delete, clear out, and forget about as inspired by Venus Retrograde.

Today marks the halfway point of Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, and we get a rare moment of clarity and illumination at it’s height as Mercury makes it’s conjunction to Sun early in the day at 5:28 AM EST. The overall theme of this Mercury Retrograde touches upon Aquarian themes…humanitarianism, social justice, social connection at the fringes, rebellion, individuality and asserting one’s own place within the larger collective, and future oriented thinking and directions. Anything that has prevented us from making our mark in any of these regards is likely to arise today to be worked through, and communication problems will be easily triggered. Aquarius carries with it a sense of rational detachment, and today’s conjunction is one that is best worked through with a dedication to our higher ideals and endeavors, and establishing patterns that allow us to actually reach the heights aligned with our higher calling, whatever that may be. This is a moment of revelations, born of past mistakes and regrets, that lead to a far brighter and more open-minded future. Mercury is here to realign how we think, and to communicate with intellectual games and puzzles, so pay close attention to the subtext. Today is excellent for refining plans and falling headfirst into hopes and dreams of days yet to come.


Professional astrology with Cancer Ascendant empathy, Leo Sun confidence, and Sag Moon vision.

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Divine Fire Astrology

Professional astrology with Cancer Ascendant empathy, Leo Sun confidence, and Sag Moon vision.